1. Wireguard for VPN on Android

    Both Windows and Android has gotten a lot of flack for not supporting strong ciphers natively on Android and iOS. Some time ago Algo gained support for a very awesome newcomer called Wireguard. Compared to other application layer tunneling software, like OpenVPN, it is clearly more modern in its approach. The most impressive of Wireguard is its the small codebase with as little as 4000 lines of code. Do note that they that it "can" be implemented for the Linux kernel on that little. Anyways, OpenVPN has a massive codebase in comparison.

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  2. Streaming Data from neo4j to Gephi

    Recently I have been using the graph database neo4j to visualise a dataset. If you have used the HTML-based graph visualisation engine inside the neo4j browser you would have quickly come to the realisation that is not a well fit for anything else than visualising a minimal set of nodes and relationships.

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  3. Telemetry and Modern Workspaces: A Three-Headed Hound

    Telemetry for cyber security is currently at a crossroads. While past methods have been efficient by being based on network monitoring, the current revolution in encryption and the distributed workspace makes it insufficient to solely rely on network monitoring. Through this post we are going to focus on the current challenges.

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