Simple Rexster Graph Setup

February 16, 2015

Graphs is by no question an important step in regard to structure large datasets in more meaningful ways.

I figured that many won’t have the necessary cluster to get the Rexster API up and running, and is most interested in giving graph tech a try.

On the other side Neo4j just isn’t it when planning a large cluster setup with Rexster/Titan. In order to test the API, a local graph may be created with the following Rexster graph configuration (you set this in conf/rexster.xml):


Rexster is still executed with bin/ --start. I’ve given a more advanced query example in my code sample mtgx2rexster script migrating all commonly used attributes of Maltego graphml-files. A bit simplified, just to show the concept may be (pip install rexpro:

from rexpro import RexProConnection
graph = RexProConnection('localhost',8184,'testgraph')